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People don't usually believe me when I tell them just how many video ideas I have on my plate at any given time. So I'm going to put the list here... and as I finish them, I'll cross them out (and add new ones to the bottom of the list for "eventually"). This is a mostly-rough order of completion... and with me still trying to finish two books in the process.

I really need to win the lottery.

1. FanART Battle Video (trailer for Darth_Delicious's contest winning art)
2. Beat Up the Scum (music video for Eben Brooks)
3. Personal Archvillain (music video for Eben Brooks)
4. CoVIDEOHELL Vol 1 (parody)
5. The Wretch Strike Force (parody courtesy of Steelclaw)
6. The Course of Superhero Romance (commercial)
7. The War Witch TF trailer (commercial)
8. Locking Up the Sun (Star Patrol music video)
9. Praetorian Uprising (music video)
10. Breaking Me Down (Synapse music video)
11. Blood Red Skies (Maelstrom music video)
12. Overcome (Blake music video)
13. The Day the Whole World Went Away (Dark Astoria music video)
14. That's All I've Got to Say (Posi and Tava music video)
15. The Most Interesting Man in Praetoria (parody with Leandro as the voice of TMIMIP)
16. Accidentally in Love (Jo and Leo music video)
17. American Heartbeat (Hero music video)
18. And So It Goes (Posi and Tava music video)
19. Believe (Sister Psyche music video)
20. Faint (Manticore music video)
21. Game On (music video starring Posi, Tava, Blake, Synapse and the gang)
22. Hello (Blake music video)
23. Hey a Movie (videographers music video)
24. Holding the Line Against the Night (Rikti War music video)
25. Homeward Bound (Dawn Patrol music video)
26. Run This Town (CoH PVP zone music video)
27. The World is Not Enough (villain couples music video - GW/Scirocco, Neuron/Dominatrix/Anti-Matter, Master Midnight/Diabolique)
28. They Won't Go When I Go (Statesman music video)
29. Turbo Lover (Synapse and anyone music video)
30. Whispers in the Dark (Soulcatcher music video)
31. You Know My Name (Star Patrol vs Longbow music video)
32. CoVIDEOHELL - The Musical (parody)
33. CoVIDEOHELL Vol 2 (parody)
34. CoVIDEOHELL Vol 3 (parody)
35. Fusionette's "My Energy" video (parody)
36. Ghostbusters (parody)
37. James Bond (CoH set to Bond music parody)
38. The PUG video (parody)
39. City of Oz (parody)
40. Ghost Story (commercial for the next Harry Dresden book) (Inception music)
41. Jade Magistrates commercial (commercial) (Katana)
42. Nexus (commercial for AE arc "Cause and Effect")
43. Star Patrol commercial (commercial)
44. The "Meet the X" series (commercials)
45. Worlds of Wonder ad for COH (commercial)
46. I Will Survive (BAB vs Phalanx music video)
47. Lay Me to Sleep (Anti-Matter/Dominatrix music video)
48. The Issue 22 Trailer (DEATH INCARNATE) DONE - March 4th, 2012!
49. Beauty Underneath (yet another Blake video)
50. Just a Woman (Posi and Tava music video) DONE - March 22nd, 2012!
51. Save the World Tonight (heroes set to the Swedish House Mafia song)
52. True Self (Nasami video)
53. Time to Start Redux version (music video)
54. Moonlight Shadows (Aceso video)
55. The Device Has Been Modified (Soulsteel music video)
56. It's the Fear (Blake/Soulcatcher music video)

And I'm sure I'm forgetting some...


And those are JUST the videos shot in CITY OF HEROES! Never mind the AMVs, RIFT, and AION videos I still want to make. I'll have to add those on here too so you can see just how insane my life is.

Where can you find these once they're done, you ask? They'll be on my YouTube channel at (and don't forget to subscribe)!
djmatt2 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I understand the frustration all too well.
tygenco Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012   General Artist
I'd be happy to pull up toons for you if you need them.

And I will endeavor to not add to the massive list.
egmccann Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
Heh. Just a few ideas, I see.

Pity I just can't bring myself to really play COH any more, but you always did do great things with your videos for it.
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